The Village of Joy…

In 2002 Milly noticed that many children were been left unattended and alone due to their mothers dying of AIDS related diseases because of anti-retroviral medication (ARV) not being available. It was at this time that the need arose for an orphanage and safe house. Milly started an orphanage in Diepsloot, as there was none there at that time.

The orphanage outgrew the home in Diepsloot and Changing Lives Ministries (CLM) relocated the then 12 children from Diepsloot, and rented a small holding near Lanseria, which is called The Village of Joy. It is currently home to 22 children from the ages of 13 months to 18 years of age. Our 18-year-old child has been with us since she was 8 years old when she was orphaned and she is now in grade 11.

CLM believes that it is vital to give the children a good education, securing their chances of a better and more successful future; therefore all our children attend good schools.

CLM’s vision over the next five years is to grow the children’s home to 42 children.  There will be six children living together with their own foster mother, creating a more homely type environment, which will be under the care of CLM.

The property, which houses The Village of Joy, is almost 17 hectares and has wonderful potential to generate income to support the project and to provide jobs for the children as they finish school.

The village is a wonderfully quiet and peaceful place for the children to heal from the neglect and pain they have been through and to be given a chance to get a good education and to change and break the cycle of poverty and abuse in their lives.

The children are brought up with love, care and discipline and animals are an integral part of their lives at the village, animals such as cats, chickens and rabbits.

There are currently eight paid workers and two volunteers at the Village.



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